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    Having a website is no longer enough to guarantee your online success. You’ll need to put together and execute an integrated online strategy for your business which covers your website, social media, content production, your "visibility on the web. GeekTranslator can help build and execute your online strategy. We understand Geek and…

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    Looking to promote your products and services online in your local market or area? Our local business marketing package will help drive more local customers from the internet to you. Our service covers the spectrum of Developing Your Web Presence >  Dominating Your Local Search Marketing > Accelerating Your Video & Email Marketing > Improving Your…

What Makes Us Different

Fresh Out Of The Box

We provide perspectives as refreshing as your morning coffee. Let us think out of the box to address your online challenges.

Your Words Matter

We treat each client as unique as the challenges they face. We develop solutions tailored to your situation.

Your Business: FOUND

Delivering a website that looks great—and performs well. We take it a step further to increase your visibility.

Mobile Friendly

Designs for optimal user experience on Mobile devices, the primary mode for online browsing. Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Our Approach To Projects

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About GeekTranslator


GeekTranslator, a boutique online marketing agency and consulting firm was founded in 2014 because of the need by businesses for objective advice and to develop a plan for online marketing.

William blends his business acumen with internet marketing expertise to develop bespoke online marketing strategies to empower business owners to be in the driver’s seat for their business growth.

About the Senior Geek, William


Senior Geek William

William Ho is the Senior Geek at GeekTranslator. Born in Singapore, William spent most of his working life in IT, financial services and management consulting. His drive and aspiration led him in six years to rise from a programmer in Standard Chartered Bank to be a Director of Consulting, followed by Director of Analytics, a role covering 120+ countries for one of the largest listed companies on the Dow Jones Index. His past work spans across multiple industries for small, medium and large enterprises alike, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of strategy, consulting and analytics.
William’s interest in the internet began during his undergraduate days. He was engaged as a trainer in web development and IT for audiences ranging from post-graduates students to public sector employees. In his professional career, he has also conducted a series of Customer Lifecycle Management workshops. William was often commended for his gift of making complicated concepts easy to understand.

William has an MBA from Hult International Business School in Boston, MA and a Bachelor in Computing from National University of Singapore. William is a certified SEO specialist with the Search Engine Academy and is a Protrada Domain Mastery Graduate.

Video: Learn more about GeekTranslator

Here Are 3 Ways We Can Start Working Together

1. Thinking of Starting your Online Presence? Arrange an initial consultation with GeekTranslator to assess your plans

2. Looking for Ideas to Grow your Online Presence? Send me your website and contact details. GeekTranslator will respond within 3 working days on how we can add value.

3. Have a Web Development or Online Marketing Proposal on hand? GeekTranslator can review and advise on the proposal. We will respond within 3 working days on our advice.


GeekTranslators Services

Online Marketing Consultancy: Building and Executing Your Online Strategy

Having a website is no longer enough to guarantee your online success. You’ll need to put together and execute an integrated online strategy for your business which covers your website, social media, content production, your "visibility on the web.

GeekTranslator can help build and execute your online strategy. We understand Geek and Business. We speak your language.

GeekTranslator is a boutique online marketing consultancy firm on a mission to help businesses develop a strategic plan to effectively leverage the online channel. GeekTranslator understand that you’re busy running your own business. Whether you’d like to create a new website, update an existing one, or gain more visibility to expand your online presence, it’s never been so easy. Let GeekTranslator take care of your online marketing needs.

What makes GeekTranslator unique is our end-to-end perspective from traffic strategies, web development, social media and search engine optimisation, with your brand and message as our theme. We empower business executives to be in the driver’s seat of their plan, so they can focus on what they do best– Their business, and GeekTranslator will take care of the online marketing
Contact us to learn how we can help your business gain visibility online.

Local Business Marketing: Your Online Visibility Elevated, Your Lead Flow Improved, Revenues Accelerated

Search Engine and eCommerce technologies have evolved the way how prospects interact with local businesses, ranging from how your customers find the business (from online to your offline store) to how they perceive the business. GeekTranslator supports local businesses in their efforts to be found and to convert these online visitors into leads and to be positioned as the preferred business to engage with.

Video Marketing and Promotion: Harnessing the Power of Videos to Engage your Visitors and Improve your Rankings

Video is a powerful form of online content to engage your visitor. Visitors spend more time on websites with videos, and in turn retain a higher percentage (up to 95%) of your message when watching a video, as compared to 10% when you use text. Best of all, they stand out from the search results

Stand Out with Video Promotion

Stand Out with Video Promotion

However, the average video created gets lost in the vast ocean of online videos. GeekTranslator specialises in finding unique angles to get your videos ranked and noticed.

We help you uncover new ways to get found and rapidly address them using our SpeedRanker approach - which was used to rank 400 keywords on the top of Google in 4 days. Best of all, they stay on top, giving you a chance to engage your customers.

  • Testimonial #1

    GeekTranslator helped me realise why my website wasn't ranking on Google. I can now work with my designer to fix it.

    by Jael T
  • Testimonial #2

    GeekTranslator helped me reach 14k people on social media in 2 days to generate awareness for my radio show interview.

    by Leny P
  • Testimonial #1

    Within a week, GeekTranslator generated leads, resulting in 800% ROI for my seminar. Thanks GeekTranslator

    by Leny P

I love chatting with like-minded people and businesses. If you’re interested in chatting or want to enlist my expertise drop me a line so we can connect and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." - Peter Drucker